Know Your Aadhar Card Status Update Online

Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit identification number issued by UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India by taking the biometric information of the person, such as fingerprints and iris scan, and demographic details like address and date of birth. Aadhaar is also known as the largest Biometric ID System in the World.

The major purpose of Aadhaar card is to serve as a unique identity to every citizen of India. Aadhaar is also a helpful document issued with a purpose to avoid illegal immigration to India as one citizen has only one Aadhaar number. Here are the details present on Aadhaar card –

  • Name of person
  • Enrollment number
  • Aadhaar number
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Photograph
  • Gender
  • Barcode (including all Aadhaar information)

Aadhaar Card Status Enquiry Online @ UIDAI Portal

As discussed earlier, virtually every Indian citizen has Aadhaar Card. If you still don’t have one, the process is very simple. There is a unique identification number in every Aadhaar card for every citizen. To generate Aadhaar card, it takes no more than 2 to 3 weeks and around 30 days to get Aadhaar card delivered to your address.

To check your Aadhaar card update status, you should visit official UIDAI portal or install Aadhaar online app from Apple store or Play store. Here are the detailed instructions to check Aadhaar status online.

Checking UIDAI Aadhaar Status with EID

Indian citizens who have just registered can use their EID number to check Aadhaar status to issue or generate Aadhaar number and candidates who have requested for changes to modify Aadhaar Data can now check with their Unique Registration Number (URN) with Aadhaar self-service resident portal. Follow these steps –

  • Click the link to visit UIDAI Resident Portal home.
  • Select the option “Check Aadhaar Status” or click this link

Now enter the Enrolment ID, EID (1234/12345/12345), Date/Time (dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm:ss) and Enter Security Code. Click on the option to check status and you can see the UIDAI Aadhaar details so you can download your e-Aadhaar letter.

Checking Aadhaar Status for Corrections or to Check Edit details for Modified Aadhaar

If you have submitted your Aadhaar card for corrections or modifications of your Name, Date of Birth, Address change, you can check Aadhaar card status with your unique URN number at Aadhaar Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP) according to these steps –

  • Check Aadhaar card update status at official UIDAI SSUP portal by clicking this link –
  • Enter 12-digit Aadhaar number and URN number.
  • Enter security code for text verification.
  • Click on “Get Status” to know more about Aadhaar card correction status and allow your corrections.
  • Now it will show your Adhaar update status, with details about modification.
  • By approving changes, you can download Aadhaar from UIDAI resident portal.

Check Aadhaar Status by Enrolment ID and Name

To get Aadhaar Card, it takes around 3 to 5 weeks once you enroll yourself. You can track your Aadhaar status and find out if Aadhaar is generated at the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India. Here are the detailed steps to check Aadhaar status online –

  • Click this link
  • Click “Check Aadhaar Status” by going through Aadhaar Online Services.
  • It will show up a new tab.
  • Enter the enrolment number (Enrolment ID) in the first block and time and date in another block in YYYYMMDD format and HH:MM:SS.
  • Enter the security code which is given in the box.
  • Click the “CHECK” button. In this step, you can check out your Aadhaar Status. You can download its e-Aadhaar form once the card is ready and number has been generated.

Aadhaar Card Status Enquiry by Phone Number or by Sending SMS

By linking Aadhaar to Bank account and PAN Card these days, you need to have Aadhaar card by your side all the time. Are you waiting for your Aadhaar card delivered to your home and want to check your Aadhaar status? It takes around 90 days to get the Aadhaar card. In case you don’t have internet connection or computer, you can still track your Aadhaar details with your mobile device. There are different benefits of tracking Aadhaar card status using mobile device, according to the Unique Identification Authority of India.

There are two methods to check status by phone –

  • SMS Method – If you want to get the existing Aadhaar card status, you just have to send SMS to a number. The UIDAI automated services will respond you through an SPS and update you soon once your Aaadhaar card is ready. UIDAI provides free SMS service. But before sending an SMS, confirm with your network provider and ensure they won’t charge for sending this message.
  • Phone Call Method – You can check your Aadhaar card status by calling at a toll-free number. For Aadhar card status enquiry, keep your enrollment ID in hand as representative will ask you to match it in their database. It takes a few minutes to know the status.

Make sure to use only your registered mobile number to send SMS. It is the number you have given when you have applied for Aadhaar enrollment. Also have an Enrollment ID handy. Once your Aadhaar is ready, you will get Aadhaar number in response to your SMS. If not, it will show up the current status in reply.

By Phone Call Method

  • Phone call method is very convenient if you don’t have internet connection. Anyone can use this method who wants to check Aadhaar status. They just have to call Aadhar card status enquiry phone number – 1800-300-1947
  • When to call on this number, the aadhaar representative will help you and ask for enrollment number.
  • Be sure to keep the enrollment id ready before you call.
  • The representative will ask and verify whether ID is correct by matching it with their records.
  • They will give you the information about Aadhaar status on call once the enrollment ID is matched with the database.
  • If the Aadhaar card is dispatched to your address, be sure to ask for tracking details and the courier company.

Using Text Message Method

  • Thanks to the technology advances, it is very easy to check Aadhaar status. You just have to open your messaging app on the phone.
  • Type UID STATUS<14-digit Enrolment ID>
  • Type the id in the format given above
  • After typing the ID, send it to 51969 and you are all set. You can get the Aadhaar status via text message
  • It will take a couple of minutes.

How many people linked till date?

As of June 2017, over 111 Cr citizens have Aadhaar card out of the total population of 125 Cr in India, covering over 99% of adult population, according to the government.  On daily basis, Aadhaar enrolment has been raised to 7 to 8 lakh per day after demonetization, over 5 to 6 lakh till October 2016.

There is also increased use of Aadhaar-based payment systems. In October 2016, over 2.57 Cr such transactions were recorded. Within three months, it recorded 3.73 cr transactions in December. To bridge the digital gap, it has become a powerful instrument. The total saturation of Aadhaar is 91.7% (according to 2011 Census) while around 99% of population above 18 years have been assigned with Aadhaar.

There is 90% of Aadhaar saturation in 22 states in union territories. Now the Aadhaar-enabled Payment System (AEPS) have been associated with 119 banks across India and over 33.87 Cr transactions took place with this platform, especially in rural areas.

Till date, over 4.47 cr bank accounts are opened with Aadhaar eKYC, while 1 Lakh accounts have been opened, as of May 2014.

UIDAI has also seen a surge in authentication process. “UIDAI used to get up to 60 to 70 Lakh authentication requests on day to day basis until around two to three months ago. But today, it has virtually tripled to up to 2 cr requests every day.

The BHIM app has also been integrated with Aadhaar and Aadhaar Pay is going to launch very soon. With Digital India initiative and demonetization focused on cashless economy, Aadhaar is going to change the game with Aadhaar Pay, which is a digital payment system to avoid the need of pin, password, card, or mobile for customer.

Currently, 14 banks have come forward for Aadhar Pay and other banks are yet to approve it as well. The government is very active for data security and privacy protection. Aadhaar Act 2016 has strict provisions for privacy and database protection.